Thursday, November 22, 2007

Add a Check Box to a standard dialog box

Suppose you have a confirmation dialog of some kind, where the user can select a checkbox displayinfg "Don't show this message again"). When the user closes the dialog - program can store the state of the check box (checked or not checked) in a global variable - the next time you need to display this dialog - you simply don't show it. The idea of realization is:
1. Create a dialog using CreateMessageDialog
2.This function will return a form object with dialog
3. In this object we can add a checkbox
4. Show dialog using ShowModal
5. Check a result and process a state of the checkbox
6. Destroy the created checkbox and the dialog

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject) ;
var AMsgDialog: TForm;
ACheckBox: TCheckBox;
___AMsgDialog := CreateMessageDialog('This is a test message.', mtWarning, [mbYes, mbNo]) ;
___ACheckBox := TCheckBox.Create(AMsgDialog) ;
___with AMsgDialog do
______Caption := 'Dialog Title' ;
______Height := 169;
______with ACheckBox do
_________Parent := AMsgDialog;
_________Caption := 'Don''t show me again.';
_________Top := 121;
_________Left := 8;
______if (ShowModal = ID_YES) then
______if ACheckBox.Checked then
_________//do if checked
_________//do if NOT checked

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