Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Listbox With Multiple Columns

Delphi's TListBox control displays a collection of items in a
scrollable list. By design, a listbox displays its items in one column.

If you want to display several items in one row, thus have multiple
columns in a list box you need to set the TabWidth property and add
items to theListBox in a specific way.


___ListBox1.Items.Add('First'^I'Second'^I'Third') ;
___ListBox1.Items.Add('C1R1'^I'C2R1'^I'C3R1') ;
___ListBox1.Items.Add('C1R2'^I'C2R2'^I'C3R2') ;
___ListBox1.Items.Add('C1R3'^I'C2R3'^I'C3R3') ;
___ListBox1.Items.Add('C1R4'^I'C2R4'^I'C3R4') ;
___ListBox1.Items.Add('C1R5'^I'C2R5'^I'C3R5') ;
___ListBox1.Items.Add('C1R6'^I'C2R6'^I'C3R6') ;
___ListBox1.Items.Add('C1R7'^I'C2R7'^I'C3R7') ;
___ListBox1.Items.Add('C1R8'^I'C2R8'^I'C3R8') ;

___ListBox1.Items.Add('C1R9'^I'C2R9'^I'C3R9') ;


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